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In our community, many families struggle financially and mentally to keep their loved ones comfortable as they die from terminal illnesses. The Sloan Comfort Care Home is dedicated to giving the most comfortable end-of-life experience to our guests and their families while also relieving that financial and mental burden. 


By donating to us, you are also helping to relieve those burdens. A small amount goes a long way to keeping us going and providing the best care we possibly can. It's people like you who have a heart in helping support our community of Erie County that keep Sloan Comfort Care Home running. 


By making a simple donation of any amount, you are helping make a difference in someone's life


$20 helps cover 1 hour of care for our guests

$30 helps keep delicious food in the home for our guests

$65 helps keep the home comfortable with amenities such as blankets, tv,   and personal care items

$100 helps support 6 hours of care for our guests

Giving monthly donations go even further by giving us the confidence that we will be able to continue our mission and relieving some stress of day-to-day fundraising.

We appreciate any and all support that you can give!

If leaving a Memorial donation, please leave a memo of who your donation is in memory of.

Thank you for your support.

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Thank you for your donation


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